Coda Stone’s interest in art started with filling the wall next to his crib with doodles and culminated with a Master of Fine Art from the University of Oregon with a concentration in photography. Since then, his creative pursuits have been more varied –paintings of a friend’s favorite item, sarcastic cross stitch sayings, or pet portraits and especially indulging in his favorite theme: fuzzy, plump bears doing adorable things.

For Cultural Currents, Coda has designed a series of banners titled “Everyday bears” that will line walkways at Riverfront Park through October 31st. Coda responded to the Cultural Currents call to artists in representation of the LGBTQ+ community.

“Public art is vital as an approachable, accessible, happenstance way of reaching people in our community. These pole banners will allow a concept of another’s experience to reach through our fog so we can value those around us in new ways. Once people are aware of someone in the LGBTQ+ spectrum, then compassion and empathy follow. We are their family. We are their friends. We are their coworkers. We are their neighbors. Public art helps people recognize us and relate to us as fellows. We have an astounding resilience and will continue to be present. This series is a gentle reminder that if someone discriminates against us, they are discriminating against their own. We are all connected.” – Coda Stone

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Coda Stone

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