Originally from Las Vegas, Treylon Day has lived in Eugene for seven years. When he was a student at Lane Community College, Treylon became involved with the Black Student Union; first becoming the Secretary and then the President of the organization. The Black Student Union organized events both on campus and in the community and that is where Treylon found his niche; learning skills such as booking artists that led him to begin his entertainment company. Dayinthelife Entertainment is an event planning, promotion, talent scouting, artist management, and stage management business. “I just call it an all-in-one entertainment company, like I’m your one stop shop if you’re looking for entertainment whether that’s musicians, cooks, painters, the list goes on,” says Treylon. For the past two years, Treylon has worked with Lane Arts Council to organize and produce The Block is Hot for July’s First Friday ArtWalk, featuring a variety of musicians and performances by primarily BIPOC artists.

One of ten artists chosen to create public art for Cultural Currents, Treylon’s audio installation can be experienced at the Farmers Market Pavilion from 5:30-8pm on October 6th. The installation is a series of interviews with artists he represents. Listeners will hear perspectives from an R&B artist, a hip hop artist, a chef, and a comedian as they chat about their relationship with Dayinthelife Entertainment and where they hope their careers will go.

Treylon believes in the power of public art as a platform for people to express themselves and show who they are.

“I believe public art is necessary because it is a reflection of what people feel in the community. I always say a picture is worth a thousand words. When you give an opportunity for a local artist to be able to publicly put their art out you get a sense of that person or a demographic of people on how they feel or how they might look at the world.” -Treylon Day

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