As a service to our community, Lane Arts Council provides fiscal sponsorship for organizations, groups, and individuals working in the arts.

Many individuals or groups engage in arts projects without becoming tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. However, these projects often are not eligible to receive charitable gifts, grants or sponsorships. In addition, they may not have the infrastructure (e.g. people, bank accounts, bookkeeping, central mailing address, etc.) needed to be successful. As a fiscal sponsor, Lane Arts Council can help with those challenges. Fiscal sponsorship is a legal arrangement through which Lane Arts Council can accept tax-deductible contributions and other revenue to support arts projects that are not tax exempt.

Download the Fiscal Sponsorship Application to learn more. If you have questions, email Stacey Ray at

Lane Arts Council currently provides fiscal sponsorship to:

Lane Arts Council has been a proud fiscal sponsor of the following arts projects and arts organizations.