Lane Arts Council’s First Friday ArtTalk seeks to present the work and ideas of significant artists and art professionals in a welcoming, accessible format several times each year.

OpTech Green Orange PurpleFirst Friday ArtTalk with Trygve Faste

Friday, October 7th | 6:00-7:00pm
942 Olive St. 

Arts Council proudly hosts artist Trygve Faste for the First Friday ArtTalk during the First Friday ArtWalk.  Trygve’s artwork has been shown internationally, most recently at One Grand Gallery in Portland, OR, Cheymore Gallery in New York, David Richard Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Nine Gallery at the Korean international Art Fair.  From September 10th-October 15th of this year, Trygve’s show “Op-Tech” will be on display at the Ruth Bachofner Gallery in Santa Monica, California. Trygve’s work is also in many public and private collections including The Cranbrook Art Museum. Recently his projects have been published in the LA Weekly, Ceramic Review Magazine, Visual Art Scene, NY Arts Magazine, Core 77, and Sight Unseen. Trygve was just awarded an Oregon Arts Commission Individual Artist Grant for his exhibits in 2013.  His artwork is influenced by over eight years experience working as a product designer at various companies including IDEO and WET Design. Trygve is currently an Associate Professor of Product Design.

This ArtTalk is sponsored by Lane Arts Council and The Department of Product Design at the University of Oregon.

Artist statement: 

Trygve Headshot 2014 bwMy current body of work uses abstraction to reference the aesthetic sensibility of the many contemporary products and technologies that I find fascinating. Similar to the way in which science fiction can address societal issues in a way that removes them from the immediate reality of politics so that they can be more openly and less controversially discussed, I use these paintings to examine the duality of futuristic opportunity and tragic side effect that can be found in many aspects of consumerism. Engaged in a darwinian struggle for survival, products on the market are continually changing and evolving as styles, materials, and technologies progress.  Some products save lives, some change with the season, some embody actual advancements and others position themselves to appear that they are more advanced than they really are. The relationship of appearance to substance in design can be fickle. It is also an area that naturally merges with my interest in the interconnected nature of image as realized through graphics on form. Many products such as new sneakers or the latest economy car are refreshed through styling changes. In the absence of improved functionality, cosmetic updates can generate a huge impact on how products are perceived. I view my use of paint on flat or dimensional surfaces to create the illusion of form and spatial depth as a natural analogy to this cultural practice.

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