Stop #1  5:30 PM | Eugene Mindworks (207 E 5th Ave, Suite 220)

The exhibit and booths at the Sprout Children’s Business Expo feature creative and unique arts and crafts handmade by local children. Youth ages 4-18 will be experiencing what it’s like to be a vendor and sell their own art, many for the very first time. Please stop by, show your support and help encourage these young entrepreneurs and artists. There will also be some live performances by local youth artists throughout the evening.

View Eugene Mindworks’s website.



Stop #2  6 PM | Framin’ ArtWorks (505 High St)

Artist Jo Dunnick focuses on things that are special to her in the show “At The Heart Of It All… Love And Connection.”  When describing the work, she reiterates her love and connection “to the land, to the past and the present, to people who have supported us despite our short comings, to the ‘4-leggeds’ who feed our soul and show us how to live in the moment. The paintings I am including in this show are important to me because they represent everything that I hold dear. With so many distractions and sparkly little things pulling us in different directions, it can be challenging to remember that love and connection bring us joy and sustain us.”

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Stop #3  6:30 PM | OUT ON A LIMB Gallery (191 E Broadway)

Patti McNutt exhibits her 2017 Oregon Coast Plein Air paintings at OUT ON A LIMB Gallery for the month of December.  These pieces were created during a yearly coastal gathering, which was started by Nelson Sandgren more than forty years ago. His son Erik continues to carry on the two-week long tradition each July.

The show includes acrylic and ink or charcoal paintings done “en Plein Air” (outside) from Bandon to Cape Arago. Patti incorporated ink or charcoal line work with acrylic color this year, going back and forth between both mediums. The mild weather cooperated this year, allowing for larger than normal Plein air pieces (up to 18”x24” in size).  Learn more about the artist at

View the owner Tim Boyden’s Blog.


Stop #4  7 PM | West Park St Block (8th and Oak)

ArtCity Eugene and the City of Eugene Cultural Services “Light Up the Night” with local artists! “Light Up The Night” is a showcase of multidisciplinary arts that use light and/or film to create artistic expression in the darkness of nightfall. Featured pieces include:

– A projected light installation by Pipeworks Studio

– Lighted sculptures by Hana Behrs & John Van Strien, Cari Ingrassia & Terry Holloway, and Jill Mulholland (image on ArtWalk page).

– Music by David Placencia and Nathan Asman.  David Placencia will unveil the latest Playable Public Art Piano for the public to play with the theme, “Light Up the World” and Nathan Asman will share his digital light and color instrument he created called “Curve”.

– Short films by Robert Uehlin, John Watson (image on right) , and Barbara Counsil

View Art City Eugene’s website.


Stop #5  7:30 PM | Broadway Commerce Center (44 W Broadway)

Eric Gunderson shows paintings and drawings in the show of “Fire and Ice – Landscapes of a Changing Planet.”  A smoky water color explores a forest fire raging through the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness.  A forest killed by fire and insects stands around the slopes of Davis Lake Basin.  Ice is on the retreat at alarming rates around both poles.  Is fire good or evil, beautiful or ugly?  Are we only alarmed by climate disasters, but tune out the slow drumbeat of melting ice, dying forests and rising seas?  Do we dismiss those who do not share our views?  Like the Robert Frost poem, Fire and Ice, this exhibit asks us to more deeply understand our world and ourselves.

Eric Gunderson is an architect, recently retired from PIVOT Architecture.  He studied art at UO and Sutton School of Art, London.  During over 40 years as an architect, art and drawing were powerful and joyous tools for describing and understanding the physical world.  This is his first solo exhibit.

Also, check out ReJEWEL, a generously priced jewelry resale show with a mixture of elegant and costume pieces. December 1st is World AIDS Day, and all proceeds will go directly to the orphaned and HIV+ children supported by Makindu Children’s Program. For the past 20 years Makindu Children’s Program, based in Eugene, has improved the lives of thousands of vulnerable children in the Makindu region of Kenya. View their website.