Stop #1  5:30 PM | MODERN (207 E 5th Ave)

Patsy Hand’s new show features a variety of abstract paintings depicting emotions. She tends to see something, feel something, and then put it into color and motion.  She states, “Nothing pleases me more than to find that art audiences disagree as to what my art is saying.”

Patsy studied art at University and with private artists. She has worked with bronze images, as well as oil and other mediums and currently has a large studio above the Steelhead Brewery on Pearl.  Patsy is also a professional writer and taught writing at Lane Community College for eight years.  Her new suspense thriller novel Lost Dogs of Rome can be found in bookstores in town and on Amazon.

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Stop #2  6 PM | Swahili African Modern (2nd floor of 5th Street Public Market)

In Africa, stools are used for various purposes, such as to indicate status or power of the owner, or for practical or spiritual purposes. Depending on the uses of the particular stool, the carvers take a different approach. Carvers working on spiritual stools do cleansing ceremonies and work isolated from people, whereas those creating stools for practical purposes, such as milking cows or goats, have more freedom in their artistic approach to such utilitarian objects. Most stools are made from one block of wood with intricate designs, depending on the use and area of origin. The stools at Swahili
African Modern range from practical to ceremonial and are cultural
reflections of the various parts of Africa they represent.

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Stop #3  6:30 PM | Framin’ ArtWorks (505 High St)

After retiring from working in the industrial sector all his adult life, Wally Carothers was influenced by a friend to do some drawing and painting as part of his past time.  Many of the pieces in this show reflect travels to Mexico, France, and Italy.  Subjects range from still life, landscape, and portraits of all kinds with pen and ink, charcoal, pencil, and watercolor.

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Stop #4  7 PM | OUT ON A LIMB Gallery (191 E Broadway)

Mara Thygeson shows plein-air land and seascape watercolors. Although she does include pieces painted as near as Eugene and as far as the Vatican, a majority of the pieces were painted in Bolinas, California, her “paradise on earth.”  She states, “My method is to paint very quickly outdoors and stop while I still have options. I take the work home and leave it around to absorb and ponder what to do next. The Hendricks Park in Bloom painting was started many years ago and came to a standstill because I couldn’t figure out how to save it. Then, last year, I looked at it again and knew what to do and feel satisfied with the results.”

Plein-air painting combines Mara Thygeson’s love of nature and watercolor. Exploring the wilderness has been part of her life since childhood. Flunking 6th grade fractions in public school, she transferred to Walden School in Berkeley, where her class of eight girls backpacked and camped in the Grand Canyon. More than 50 years later,
Thygeson spends late summer camping solo on Clear Lake with Lev, her
husky-wolf, painting landscapes at different times of day and also
vacations for two plus weeks painting in Bolinas. Her
watercolors have been exhibited in solo and group shows in venues and
galleries in Bolinas, California, Eugene, and Portland.

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Stop #5  7:30 PM | Oregon Art Supply (1020 Pearl St)

Penelope Youngfeather shares pages from her fifty-odd sketchbooks. “Life with a Sketchbook” reveals delight in the everyday, awareness of the humble, and reverence for the spectacular. Whether for a 20-second gesture “scribble” or a four-hour watercolor immersion-in-place, Youngfeather approaches sketchbooks as a true art form. For her, sketchbooks of all sizes are a visual playground, allowing for versatility in materials and variety in subject. Her pages pop with vitality as she wanders the world, always with a sketchbook and eyes wide-open for all there is to see.

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