Stop #1  5:30 PM | The Lincoln Gallery (309 W 4th Ave)

Oregon Supported Living Program’s Arts & Culture Program is excited to present “Denim N’ Art,” an exhibition of wearable art created using denim-wear donated by Levi’s. Participants could pick any denim-wear piece to alter in any way  – by cutting, ripping, dying, painting, and adding new material. The gallery will also have a fun, interactive photo booth set up to capture all of your fashion forward moments. Featured artwork was submitted by over 30 artists in the community, as well as artists creating in the OSLP Arts & Culture Program classes.

Additionally, the Community Room Gallery will feature KindTree’s Autism Artism 2018 exhibition.  KindTree-Autism Rocks is a local nonprofit providing support, services, and information to empower and improve the quality of life for individuals and families living with autism, and the professionals who serve them.

View The Lincoln Gallery’s website.  ArtWalk page image: Heidi Stolp. Image on right: Aunia Kahn.


Stop #2  6 PM | Raven Frame Works (325 W 4th Ave)

Dan Chen is an award winning artist that creates art in a wide range of media including painting, pastel, bronze, and engraved acrylic. Best known for his artistic interpretations of nature, for the first time, Dan explores a more abstract sculptural form. He presents interpretations of classic Chinese brush calligraphy into 3 dimensional bronze.

View Raven Frame Work’s website.





Stop #3  6:30 PM | Paul Schatz Furniture (566 Olive St)

Paul Schatz Furniture welcomes three artists, Paul N. Prince (image on ArtWalk page), Shannon Welch-Kamkar (right), and Hank Murrow, working in three very different mediums.

For the past three decades, Paul N. Prince has designed unique handmade wood objects for the home and office. Careful hardwood selections and precision craftsmanship are hallmarks of Paul’s work. With a painter’s eye for color and a musician’s feel for harmony, Paul’s palette of American and exotic hardwoods is deep and rich. The undulating grain of select birsdseye maple, a unique bookmatch of maple or manzanita burl or a whimsical border of purple heart all transform simple objects into conversation pieces, marrying form and function, beauty, and use. Paul is also a slack key and mbira guitarist of some renown, having toured with Thomas Mapfumo and opened for King Sunny Ade. You’ll also get to hear him play a song or two during the ArtWalk!

Shannon Welch-Kamkar, a 47-year-old Oregon native, has been doing Scratchboard since she was in middle-school. “I was always the kid getting in trouble for drawing instead of listening to the teacher,” she says. She went on to study art in 1988-90 and was accepted into the Art Institute of Seattle in 1990. But life, as it so often does, intervened and Shannon spent the next 27 years as a local hairdresser with her artistic passions on the back-burner. Now, as an empty-nester, she is actively pursuing her passion once again! She chose her medium specifically because of the challenges it presents. She enjoys working with a metallic underlay that requires immense concentration and a steady hand, so as not to tear the delicate foil as she sketches.

Hank Murrow has had his hands in clay since 1958. Graduating from the University of Oregon with his Master of Fine Arts in 1967, he has stayed in the community and has been known as a distinguished artist. Hank has taught ceramics in several countries, as well as in the United States. He is known for developing kiln designs and enjoys focusing on useful wares.

View Paul Schatz Furniture’s website.


Stop #4  7 PM | The New Zone Gallery (220 W 8th Ave)

The New Zone Gallery hosts the annual “Spring Zone 4 All.”  This visual arts exhibition features an eclectic collection of artwork submitted by a multitude of artists who represent the greater community of Lane County.

Music: Jerry Zybach on guitar.

View The New Zone Gallery’s website.  ArtWalk page image: Asante Riverwind. Image on right: Margie Templeton.







Stop #5  7:30 PM | MAVEN (271 W 8th Ave)

Dominique Dillkins is an illustrator/graphic designer, showing acrylic paintings and digital drawings.  He is also co-founder of the WeGotThis music label, a hiphop/trap/multi genre producer, a DJ (Tiger Fresh), and an activist. Currently in Oakland, California, he is on a constant pursuit to keep the community on high vibrations through the myriad of visual and sonic creative endeavors. More info:

Also, sample French Cookie, One Love Wines, and Maven’s steamed buns.

Music: DJ Miles Airon from 5-9pm, followed by Tigerfresh at 9pm.

View’ MAVEN’s Facebook page.