Stop #1  5:30 PM | 510 Oak Building (510 Oak St)

The 510 Oak Building is a newly renovated 14,000-square-foot art and design research building housing the studios of 24 School of Art + Design faculty, as well as the new Center for Art Research. The creation and completion of a space dedicated to the creative practices of Art and Product Design faculty – bringing these faculty studios all into one place – represents a landmark moment at the University of Oregon and enables the School to better connect with the larger community. The Center for Art Research, located in the heart of the new building, will be a think tank for artmaking. Potential programming for the Center includes artists-in-residence, lectures, exhibitions, symposia, publications, performances, and experimental projects.

For the ArtWalk, The School of Art + Design is delighted to present works by the 20+ Art and Product Design faculty working in the 510 Oak Building. The exhibited work represents an array of disciplines from the School, including digital media, ceramics, fibers, jewelry and metalsmithing, photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, product design, and sports product design.

View 510 Oak Bulding’s website. Image on right: Charlene Liu, woodcut on paper. Image on First Friday ArtWalk page: Erdem Selek, Corrugated Ruler.


Stop #2  6 PM | 5th Street Public Market (296 E 5th Ave)

Specifically for the ArtWalk, Barbara Counsil shows plein air oil paintings created over the last year. Featured vistas include the 5th St. Public Market, Mt. Rainier and Sunset Falls in Washington, a Sabastopol Valley vineyard, and more! She states,“The best part of plein air painting is watching the light move, in my opinion. Painting from life forces an artist to be loose and quick, but they must focus with a keen eye at the same time. My brush strokes become more impressionistic, but my eyes and mind become incredibly focused. I’m certain that my memories of painting in particular environments will last forever.”

Barbara was born and raised in northern Michigan, surrounded by the dramatically changing seasons. She observed the deep connections nature weaves within us all, and within everything around us. She began her artistic journey as a creative illustrator, but the natural world always inspires her most inner thoughts at the easel. More recently, her fascination with the natural world has led her to paint outside, as opposed to in her studio. Barbara currently serves on the Board of Directors at the Maude Kerns Art Center and works as an Oregon State Park ranger assistant in the summers.  Check out her work at

View 5th Street Public Market’s Facebook page.


Stop #3  6:30 PM | MODERN (207 E 5th Ave)

Richard Bartlett displays his multi-layered pieces in the show “Studies in Depth.” In his artist statement, Richard says, “The works in this show are all mixed media. I generally start with acrylic and build layers using charcoal, pastel, spray paint, ink, paint pens, oil stick, sometimes collage, nail polish, make up and oil paint.

My technique is to layer and layer and layer, up to 10 times.  My goal: to create depth, intrigue and balance; to draw the viewers in and keep them there for a while.  I think of my work as abstract, but recognizable images creep in.  I have a language of symbols that I use and there is always an idea or concept behind each piece.  I think of it as abstract conceptualism.”

View MODERN’s website.


Stop #4  7 PM | Eugene Mindworks (207 E 5th Ave, upstairs)

Sprout Children’s Business Expo and the Multicultural Children’s Art Museum and Education Center have partnered to bring you an evening of arts and crafts exclusively by children! Browse and shop this unique event that empowers approximately 40 children to explore entrepreneurship and gives them the opportunity to sell their own products and services in a supportive environment.

View Eugene Mindworks website. Image on the right: Tima Polishchuk, Heron Tale. 


Stop #5  7:30 PM | Framin’ Artworks (505 High St)

For the month of December, Framin’ Artworks features small original work by 14 local artists in several different mediums.  Participating artists include Jo Dunnick, Nancy Wade, Deigh Bates, Kristina Rust, Catherine Meyer, Holly Fury, Victoria Biedron, Lisa Livoni, Roka Walsh, Kirsten Shende, Sherri Smith Holgate, Karen Higgins, Margaret Plumb, and Patti McNutt.  Stop by to see if one of these pieces would make the perfect gift for that special someone!

View Framin’ Artworks website. Image on the right: Kirsten Shende, hand-colored photograph. Image on First Friday ArtWalk page: Catherine Meyer