Stop #1  5:30 PM | Lane Community College’s Downtown Campus (101 W 10th Ave)

The Arts Division of Lane Community College showcases work by students in their Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Media Arts, and Culinary Arts programs. Fine and Media Arts students feature work from their studio courses in 2-Dimensions and 3-Dimensions, as well as Multimedia and Graphic Design.  Dance and Music program performances take place throughout the evening, including Boundary, a 20-minute improvisational dance, as well as Titus Young, a second year music student presenting selections from the solo cello suites by J.S. Bach.  Additionally, students from the Culinary Arts program execute two flambé desserts for guests to enjoy. Faculty and students from each program will be on hand to explain the varied artistic processes on display.

A landmark project for education, business and the community, LCC’s Downtown Campus is a state-of-the-art educational facility housing instructional programs, student services, business services, and conference and meeting facilities.

View Lane Community College’s website.  Image on right: Theo Nguyen


Stop #2  6 PM | The Jazz Station (124 W Broadway)

The Jazz Station is proud to exhibit some of Bill Rutherford’s (Blackline Designs) work in April and May. Bill Rutherford recently moved from Portland, where his work was featured in several public art projects. A well known artist, fine designer, sculptor and painter, he proves that old ages does not mean the creativity stops.

View The Jazz Station’s website.


Stop #3  6:30 PM | Pacific Rim Art Guild (160 E Broadway)

“Outside the Box” features work by guild members Dan Chen and Sandi Grubbs.  Dan has experimented with mixed media, combining the unusual, such as silk paintings with bronze or carved acrylics with LED lighting.  He will also be showing some of his cast jewelry pieces.  Sandi Grubbs’ work is evolving using mixed mediums. She experiments with acrylic, Chinese brush, pastels, and collage.  Most importantly, it is all outside the box!  Guild members also have pieces in this show, supporting the theme.

View Pacific Rim Art Guild’s Facebook.  Image on right: Sandi Grubbs


Stop #4  7 PM | Oregon Gallery (199 E 5th Ave) 

Oregon Gallery features the scenic Northwest photography of Eugene native Ron Keebler. As a sixth generation Oregonian, Ron’s life-long appreciation of our state’s beauty comes through in his work. His photography has been featured widely for four decades – from Portland Trailblazers’ tickets to jazz festival posters. Ron is especially well-known for his triptychs of the coast, mountains, waterfalls and other iconic natural features of the region. Ron co-owns Oregon Gallery with Laurie Keebler, who frames and mats his work, as well as the art brought into the gallery’s frame shop.

View Oregon Gallery’s website.


Stop #5  7:30 PM | MECCA (449 Willamette St)

With a mission to connect scrap and fine art, MECCA challenged artists to make inspiring, thought-provoking, and creative works of art out of mystery materials.  As part of Earth Day celebrations, MECCA presents the “9th Annual Object Afterlife Art Challenge.”  Participants were given a mystery box of materials, a MECCA gift certificate, and two months to create. The resulting artworks exist in the space where artistic discovery and conservation meet, inspiring us all to think differently about the materials we may consider waste. This is MECCA’s signature event and an exhibit not to be missed.

View MECCA’s website.