Stop #1  5:30 PM | The New Zone Gallery (220 W 8th Ave)

Have you ever wondered what animals do after work? Come see Diane Seals (right) ceramic show “A Chicken Jamboree In The Garden Of Whimsy.” Diane states, “I try to marry functionality and whimsy with the goal of creating smiles and joy in a world sorely in need of a positive approach to life. Hopefully, my pieces will draw you into the anthropomorphic lives of a variety of animals, as well as the quirks of human beings and you will smile!” You can see samples of her ceramic work on her website

The Klausmeier Room features work by students and staff of the Child’s Way Charter School. The exhibit showcases work they have completed this year, including drawings, paintings, cloth art pieces, and jewelry. May Media Sponsor: Eugene Magazine Founded in 2006, Eugene Magazine is Lane County’s premier quarterly lifestyle magazine with articles focusing on everything that makes Eugene one of the most vibrant, livable small cities in America, including the people, places, and happenings that are the heart and soul of our community.

Music: Solo, acoustic guitarist McKayla Webb sings and plays original and country covers as part of KIDZ ROCK & GRRRLZ ROCK. More info:

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Stop #2  6 PM | Maven Art Boutique (271 W 8th Ave)

Maven showcases work by Dan Ray Everett. In his artist statement, he says, “My paintings and drawings deal with my curiosity for the power of myth. Throughout my life I have searched for mythical stories stemming from all ends of the world; myths ranging from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Hinduism, Buddhism, African, Italian folklore, and all types of fiction leading up to present day. I am enthralled with history, especially the most recent discoveries, which rewrite history. Such historical revisions make everything we believed to be true nothing more than old myths. History is an ever-changing story with new twists and turns developing every day. History and myth seem to coincide with one another; I have come to find this to be an amazing idea, because I was raised to believe that history was the absolute true account of what happened in the past, and myth was untrue and fictional. When I realized that history can descend from myths, and history can turn back into a myth, the power of myth began to show its strength. The power of myth can fill the listener with wonder, mystery, and leave them with his or her own imagination as one watches the story unfold and take root in their own unique way. Taking this power of mythical storytelling and applying it to the visual has been the driving force behind each one of my pieces. I want the power of the image to allow the individual to climb into oneself and discover where their imagination can take them.”

Music: Reggae dub Latin music mixed by Dj Crown Dubey.

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Stop #3  6:30 PM | Shadowfox (76 W Broadway)

Over the last several years, Tom Chamberlain has photographed more than his fair share of musicians and concerts. All of the images he exhibits in “Eugene Musicians in Pictures” feature Eugene musicians performing on stage at various local venues. About a dozen prints of various sizes will be exhibited and for sale. Every penny that Tom collects for prints will be donated to Eugene MASV (Musicians Against Sexual Violence), a non-profit coalition of musicians, artists, entertainers, and activists working to prevent sexual violence in the community’s night scene and to empower victims/survivors who are performers and audience members. More info about the artist is available at The opening reception features musical performances by Surfs Drugs and Broken Heart Rodeo, who will both perform again at Luckey’s for the post-reception party.

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Stop #4  7 PM | Yankee Built (857 Willamette St)

Emily Proudfoot’s show “Kitchen, Garden, Forest, Field” is featured at the Yankee Built showroom. This is a collection of recent works in ink, stamps, pen, marker, and collage inspired by Oregon’s natural beauty. Themes include plants, flowers, wetlands, rivers, gardens, and more in a variety of rich and occasionally playful settings.

Emily is a local artist and native of Eugene. Her formal training is in Landscape Architecture and she has been working in the field for over 20 years as a landscape architect and planner. Emily began exploring fine art more seriously after attending an art retreat in New Hampshire in the fall of 2011. Since that time she has continued to explore a variety of art media, including acrylic ink, collage, marker, canvas, art board, photography, and pen and ink. Themes typically include plants, flowers, trees, found objects, and the built environment. Movement and color are predominant features of her paintings. She also creates smaller scale pendants and paintings, and a variety of cards and prints. You can see more of Emily’s work at, where she blogs and posts new work on a regular basis.

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Stop #5  7:30 PM | OUT ON A LIMB Gallery (191 E Broadway)

Michael Stuart Leckie is an award-winning figurative sculptor. Leckie’s work blends ancient classical style with modern themes to create detailed figures in marble, alabaster, obsidian, Chinese fluorite, and jade. He has also attained an international reputation for his work with bronze portraits, hydrostone bas relief sculpture, and cast iron and cast glass vessels. In this exhibit, he showcases his bas relief sculptures of Oregon’s track and field stars in motion at the top of their form.

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