Stop #1  5:30 PM | Kesey Square (corner of Broadway and Willamette)

The ArtWalk begins with dance performances by Jose and Michelle Cruz from Salseros Dance Company, a fandango (jam session) preview, and Cuban salsa by Azúcar.  Image: Azúcar dancing at the 2016 Fiesta Cultural kick-off event.





Stop #2  6 PM | Park Street Blocks (corner of 8th and Oak)

The Fandango celebration begins! Come enjoy the music, dance, and culture of Veracruz, Mexico with guest artist Omar Rojas and the Jaraneros musicians from the Northwest.

Men, women, and children gather together with jaranas (a guitar-like string instrument from Mexico) around the main dancing platform to play jaranas, sing, and dance! This is an incredible community jam session for both newcomers and experienced musicians, and the best way to create a community in which everyone has an opportunity to share.  Feel free to bring your own instruments, or borrow one.


Stop #3  6:30 PM | Broadway Commerce Center (44 W Broadway)

Visit the Broadway Commerce Center for the photography exhibit “Una Mirada de México.”  This show presents work by Mexican artists Fernando Soto, Mary Lule Chávez, Maricela, Figueroa Zamilpa, Jessica Zapata, Guillermo Reza, and Arturo Medel.

Music: Ricardo Cárdenas on guitar.  Images by Fernando Soto.




Stop #4  7 PM | gilt+gossamer (873 Willamette St)

gilt+gossamer presents “Love and Affinity,” semi-abstract work by Christian Ives. Inspired by the moments in life that are worth remembering, Christian’s paintings transcend reality in a flurry of vibrant colors and textures. Emotionally charged and thought provoking, this show is intended for anyone inspired by life.

Born in Missoula, Montana, Christian Ives is a contemporary oil painter.  He achieved his two BFA’s in Art Education and Studio Art from the Montana State University in 2007.  During that time, he studied painting and drawing in Italy and Wales.  He continued to study art while traveling and settled in Portland, Oregon and Missoula, Montana for several years.  Currently Christian lives in Eugene, Oregon with his beautiful fiancée and handsome turtle.

View gilt+gossamer’s facebook.


Stop #5  7:30 PM | MAVEN (271 W 8th Ave)

Jozie Donaghey is a Girl Scout, currently earning her Gold Award, which is the highest standing award a scout can earn (equivalent to the Eagle Scout Award). One of her final requirements is to complete a project involving the community.  Jozie decided to focus her project on body confidence in women, stating, “Like many of you, I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t self-conscious about my body. I know there was a time, but I can’t remember it. Everyday the media that surrounds us shows us how we are supposed to look, dress, and act via TV, magazines, and advertisements. While there may be nothing wrong with enhancing your beauty, I want to create an environment with this exhibit where everyone, no matter age, size, race, or gender, recognizes their natural beauty. The truth is, no one’s photoshopped in real life. Everyone has acne, flabby arms, freckles, scars, wrinkles, and age spots. All people deserve to understand how beautiful they are. I challenge everyone in our community to come to this exhibit, look in the mirror, and love themselves for the raw natural human beauty we all share.”

Music: Invisible Arts Project, a jazz trio.

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