Lane Arts Council invites all educators to join us on June 6th for a free online live-stream training: “Using Game Design to Inspire Engaging Classrooms,” led by teaching artist Cullen Vance.

To access the training, simply visit the Lane Arts Council Youtube channel (THIS LINK) where a link to the live-stream will be made available at the scheduled time.

About the Training:
Games have always been a part of how humans learn and hone their skills. All successful games, from Duck-Duck Goose to Call of Duty, have embedded within them the core principles of Game Design. In this training led by professional video game designer, Cullen Vance, we will explore how to incorporate the tips and tricks that game designers have utilized for hundreds of years into our classrooms to get students engaged and create memorable learning experiences that leave students changed, and hungry for more.

About the presenter:
Cullen Vance is a teaching artist with Lane Arts Council where he brings theatre, live-looping musical assemblies, and video-game design to schools across Lane County. Additionally, Cullen has founded his own video game business, titled Cercle, which includes clever and often humorous game that have garnered national attention and acclaim. Cullen’s professional expertise in game design combined with his significant in-classroom experience helps guarantee this training will be fun, enlightening, and inspiring.

This training is made possible by the Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund. We are so appreciative of the opportunity to utilize an open internet and live-stream services to make these professional development opportunities available to our full community.