It is an extremely challenging time for our local creative sector.

Artists are among those most impacted by new social isolation measures. Many artists typically earn their living through gigs at performing arts venues or as teaching artists in schools. Visual artists rely on local markets and galleries to promote and sell their work. As arts events and programs are canceled and public spaces are closed, artists are feeling financially insecure and uncertain of what the future holds. Many artists have told us they are struggling financially and are worried it is going to get worse.

Our beloved creative sector is at risk, and artists are the most vulnerable.

Lane Arts Council created the Lane County Artist Relief Fund to aid individual artists who have lost work during the pandemic. Funding will be distributed to as many qualifying artists as possible, including visual artists, performing artists, literary artists, and event production workers. With your help, we can help to stabilize our local artists and ensure they will have the foundation to continue their creative work, now and into the future.

Please make a donation to the Lane County Artist Relief Fund today.

It will take the entire community to ensure that our creative sector survives this challenging time and can thrive again. Please help our local artists weather this storm so they can continue to make impactful, creative contributions in our community and in the world.

 Can Apply?
Any individual who receives income as a contracted artist, teaching artist, production technician, or producer; lives in Lane County; AND has lost income due to COVID-19 safety measures can apply.

Examples of scenarios qualifying individuals for application include:
  • A band member or independent musician with canceled shows.
  • A teaching artist with canceled residencies or classroom instruction opportunities.
  • An arts, dance, or musical instructor with canceled workshops or lessons
  • A musical, cultural, or arts event technician or backstage production worker (stagehands, designers, costumers, etc.) with canceled events.
  • A visual artist with lost sales opportunities like canceled markets or closed galleries.
  • A poet or performer with a canceled reading, performance, or production.
How to Apply:
Applications will open at 12pm on March 30th, 2020. Access our application page HERE.

In an attempt to make this a quick process for any artist in need, we have made sure the application process is simple and fast. Applicants must provide the following items to be considered for relief fund support:
  1. A completed application, which collects essential contact information
  2. A completed W9 form
  3. Proof of loss of income, which includes:
    • contract or contractor offer
    • proof of cancellation (email, letter, or notice of cancellation, saved as a screenshot or PDF)

Questions? Email us at