Students at Fairfield Elementary have been working closely with artist Steven Lopez on a permanent artwork for their school featuring the school mascot and mottos. Generously supported by Essex General Construction, the project brings Essex back to a school that they built just two years ago, but this time with paint brushes in hand. Students were heavily involved in the design and creation of the mural, guided by Lopez.

“Even the spectators felt a part of the process, because they were able to see the story unveil itself. For those who got to put their mark on it, the excitement was very powerful.” – Steven Lopez, Artist

KEZI (May 26th): Eugene Students Give School New Look with Colorful Mural

KVAL (May 26th): ‘By the time they’re graduating from high school, this mural will still be here’

A special thank you to Essex General Construction for their support of this project. Essex was recently honored by the Arts & Business Alliance of Eugene (ABAE) as the 2017 Outstanding Business Patron of the Arts. Local businesses such as Essex are essential to sustaining our vibrant arts community. Watch this video to hear their story: