Bring a burst of energy into your school with one of our dynamic performance assemblies. Professional artists bring their expertise to the stage in ways that are engaging and interactive, leaving students motivated, empowered and inspired. Open your doors to a professional storyteller, circus artist, live-looping violinist, hip-hop artist, dance troupe or one of our many other performing artists available for one-time or two back-to-back performances. Performance Assemblies are 35-45 minutes in length and often include an interactive discussion period.

Explore our Directory of Teaching Artists to read more or request an artist here. To schedule a performance assembly, contact Ben Minnis, Arts Education Program Coordinator at or 541-485-2278.

Musical Journey With Family DUO “TWO ACCORDIONS”

Children will be offered a musical journey through different countries and will be introduced to variety of musical genres, as well as learning about the cultures of different countries from all around the world including Ukraine and Western European countries. During the program, the kids will listen to the music from different countries performed on various types of accordions. Sergei and Maria will talk about accordions and other musical instruments, comparing them, explaining how they work. The kids will be asked some questions and get small prizes for the right answers to encourage their participation. In between all of the fun interactions, we will give short but detailed bits of information about the music we are playing. Students will get an idea about different genres of music, learn about unique musical instruments, and different cultures and traditions.

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About Sergei and Maria Teleshev: Family DUO “TWO ACCORDIONS” is a unique collaboration between father and daughter, both renowned musicians. Sergei Teleshev is a concert accordionist performing all over the world and providing educational school programs for all ages since 1996. He has Ukrainian roots and spent part of his childhood in Ukraine. Sergei and 15-year old Maria are World Accordion Champions, the winners of International Accordion Competitions in the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, and France. Maria’s talent is not limited to her exceptional duet and solo accordion performances. She plays other instruments and is also a talented singer, the 1st prize winner of the international vocal competition “Line Pisnia Charivna” in Ukraine (7/24/2022).  Sergei and Maria’s diverse repertoire includes different styles of music such as Classical, World music, Tango, Folk and dancing music from different countries, and more. Sergei and Maria have been performing for Head Start preschools and 4J district schools as volunteers since 2013.

West African Drum and Dance

Alseny Yansane & Andrea DiPalma Yansane perform West African drum and dance with lively audience participation and hands-on music-making.

About Alseny & Andrea Yansane: West African Cultural Arts Institute’s co-founders are a high powered team with over 24 collective years of teaching and performing. Alseny has dazzled global audiences as a performing artist with world renowned Ballets Africains for many years. He is internationally recognized as a cultural ambassador for his understanding of the dances, rhythms and traditions from Guinea, West Africa. Andrea lived seven years in Guinea immersing herself in the culture and way of life, has trained with many artists and performed in a variety of prestigious venues.

Fiddle Music & Louisiana Culture

Kelly Thibodeaux plays original fiddle-based Louisiana dance music and swamp rock, accompanied by guitar, highlighted by snapping stories from bayou country. Kelly also gives a demonstration of the violin and the many magical sounds that it can produce.

About Kelly Thibodeaux: As a teaching artist, Kelly has over 15 years of experience conducting fiddle workshops, after school programs, and artist in residence programs and specializes in teaching large groups (25 to 30+ students, K-12) in short order how to play one of the world’s oldest and most powerful instruments, the violin.


Magic & Balloon Sculpting

Award-winning magician Jay Frasier combines sleight-of-hand, physical comedy, balloon sculpting, and audience participation to create uniquely magical and entertaining performances. Students and staff will experience the impossible made possible, reinforcing their senses of wonder and engaging their imaginations.

About Jay Frasier: As a professional magician, balloon sculptor, and educator Jay is the recipient of a Dom Deluise Comedy Magic Award and winner of the 2014 Portland Magic Jam Stage Magic Contest. His original magic has been featured in such publications as Genii Magazine. Jay holds an MA in Speech Communication from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and is an instructor of Speech & Communication Studies at LCC.

Songwriting and Dance

Chauncey Mauney plays music every kiddo can move to. Whether using his guitars, banjo, mandolin, saxophones, or harmonicas, Chauncey’s mix of inspired originals and group favorites will delight everyone in earshot. Groups will also help Chauncey write and perform a brand new song at the end of each assembly.

About Chauncey Mauney: Chauncey Mauney is a performing and devising artist specializing in music, theatre, and storytelling. His work with children and young adults has spanned two decades, four states (not including tours), and includes credits with Chicago Children’s Theatre and Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Chauncey has a particular knack and affinity for working with people with disabilities, making access and inclusion cornerstones in his engagements.

Puppetry & Storytelling

Noah McLain Philpot brings high energy, laughs, and magic as he uses the art of puppetry to tell stories with his trusty companion, Fooble the Dragon. This program is especially suited for K-5 classrooms.

About Noah McLain Philpot: 3rd generation puppet maker and lifetime performer, Noah McLain Philpot has delighted audiences across the the USA with his magical, musical, performances. With a focus on audience participation and improvisation, Noah creates an immersive experience which is always fresh.