Bring a burst of energy into your school with one of our dynamic performance assemblies. Professional artists bring their expertise to the stage in ways that are engaging and interactive, leaving students motivated, empowered and inspired. Open your doors to a professional storyteller, circus artist, live-looping violinist, hip-hop artist, dance troupe or one of our many other performing artists available for one-time or two back-to-back performances. Performance Assemblies are 35-45 minutes in length and often include an interactive discussion period.

Explore our Directory of Teaching Artists to read more or request an artist here. To schedule a performance assembly, contact Eric Braman, Arts Education Program Coordinator at or 541-485-2278.


Theatrical Live Looping & Story Telling (solo)
Cullen Vance leads a high-energy performance combining theatrical storytelling and live looping electric violin!

Hoop Dance and Juggling (ensemble)
Experience the world of circus arts through a mesmerizing performance of hula hoop dance and juggling demonstrations.

Hawaiian Music Ensemble (ensemble)
Maggie Matoba and Iron Mango Orchestra perform traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music with acoustic and percussive instruments.

Latin Music and Salsa Dancing (ensemble)
Jose Cruz plays Latin musical instruments and demonstrates salsa dancing with a dancing partner. Learn the basic steps!

Latin Music “Sound of the Past” (solo)
Samuel Becerra performs Pre-Columbian music on extraordinary musical instruments made out of clay, wood, hive, bone & bamboo.

Louisiana Fiddle Music (ensemble)
Kelly Thibodeaux plays original fiddle-based Louisiana dance music and swamp rock, accompanied by guitar, highlighted by snapping stories from bayou country.

West African Drum and Dance (ensemble)
Alseny Yansane & Andrea DiPalma Yansane perform West African drum and dance with lively audience participation and hands-on music-making.

Motivational Hip-Hop: Public Speaking + Hip Hop Music (solo)
Kemy uses a unique combination of music, group interaction and inspiring stories to create a once-in-a-lifetime empowering experience audiences will never forget! Best for grades 6-12.