Students accepted to the program will be placed in groups so that they are travelling and attending their apprenticeship hours together. Students will work with the artists during after-school hours primarily, but special arrangements and accommodations may be made according to student and artist schedules.

During each term, selected students will participate in the apprenticeship for a total of 25 hours, approximately 2.5 hours per week. Students will be selected for one term per application. The student’s guardian is responsible for arranging student transportation to and from the artist’s studio or business for each meeting, or may provide permission for the student to take the bus (bus passes will be provided) or walk/bike.

If you are selected to be an arts apprentice, you will be asked to take a few surveys before, during, and after your term working with the artist. Each term will also end in a public showcase, where you will display and explain your experiences in the apprenticeship program. The artist you work with will provide a final grade for your participation.

As an arts apprentice, you are expected to arrive on time to the artist studio or business location, participate in the activities set up by the mentor, and be responsible and respectful during your time there.

Si usted es seleccionado para ser un aprendiz de artes, se le pedirá que tome algunas encuestas antes, durante y después de su término trabajando con el artista. Cada término también terminará en un escaparate, donde mostrará y explicará sus experiencias en el programa de aprendizaje. El artista con el que trabaja proporcionará una calificación final para su participación.

Como aprendiz de artes, se espera que llegue a tiempo al estudio de artista o ubicación del negocio, participar en las actividades establecidas por el mentor, y ser responsable y respetuoso durante su tiempo allí.