Lane Arts Council, in partnership with the City of Eugene Cultural Services Divisionhosts professional development workshops throughout each year. These professional development workshops and panel discussions support artists, creatives, arts professionals, and arts organizations to strengthen their capacity, expand their creative practices and realize their visions. Register here



Tuesday, June 18th, 2019, 4-6pm  |  Hult Center, Studio
Presented by Diane Lang, Principal Consultant of Lang Leadership

We’ve all been in boring meetings where staff talk at board members and assign them chores and board members give dry and uninspiring committee reports. What if we commit to fun, dynamic board-led sessions that board members love and that simultaneously accomplish great things for our missions?

In this workshop for both staff and board members, we will examine and learn: how a small team can change transactional and lackluster board culture to a transformative board culture; how and why staff and boards clash; what is the proper (and improper) work and focus of nonprofit boards; how to balance between governing, learning, planning and doing; and how to leverage the efforts and power of each board member and ensure everyone contributes. Read more


Please contact Program Manager Stacey Ray at or 541-485-2278 with any questions.

Workshops are presented in partnership with the City of Eugene Cultural Services Division. Special thank you to our workshop sponsor Columbia Bank