Lane Arts Council is pleased to announce the individuals selected to be a part of the Cultural Currents Advisory Committee!

What is Cultural Currents?

Cultural Currents is an ongoing collaborative effort led by Lane Arts Council, City of Eugene Cultural Services, and community partners to make Eugene a culturally vibrant City with greater connection between growing centers of cultural activity. Through this initiative we will invest in infrastructure for temporary public art and activate public spaces through arts and cultural programming highlighting Eugene’s cultural identities, stories, and experiences during key events in summer and fall 2023. In partnership with arts and community partners, we will strive to create rotational opportunities for artists, artist collectives, and arts organizations by strengthening cultural hubs and cultural programming from Midtown to Downtown and onto the Riverfront. This is the pilot year for these initiatives and continued efforts will be made in future years. 

We recognize that the cultural sector and creative community have the potential to shine light on issues of equity and justice while generating opportunities for education, dialogue, and action that can help build a stronger sense of belonging for our entire community. We can work towards becoming a more resilient, reflective, and inclusive community by including diverse voices in co-creating platforms for the community to share their stories and experiences.

Cultural Currents Advisory Committee

The Cultural Currents Advisory Committee is made up of individuals from a wide range of identity experiences, art forms, and organizations who will be involved in the active design and implementation of Cultural Currents efforts. This group will be a committed working collective that meets monthly and participates in ad-hoc committees. 

  • Hiba Ali
  • Percy Appau
  • Jo Bartlett
  • Kunu Bearchum
  • Zoë Gamell Brown
  • Marta Lu Clifford
  • Gabriel Gonzaga-Valenzuela
  • Brian Haimbach
  • Timothy Herrera
  • Eva Osirus
  • Kathrine Rola
  • John Watson

We invite you to be a part of this work!

The success of this initiative relies on the support and involvement of artists, arts organizations, and community partners. It will take our whole community coming together to ensure our collaborative approach is both relevant and informed. Here are a few ways you could get involved and stay connected with Cultural Currents:

Feedback Team – a larger group of individuals from the community and essential arts organizations to provide regular reflection and feedback on work created by the Advisory Committee. This group will meet approximately every 3 months for optional meetings and some members may be invited to join ad-hoc committees or specific outreach efforts.

Community Host/Liaison – community members or organizations with access to an artist collective and/or cultural community that would assist with hosting targeted feedback sessions with their constituents.

Information Circle – a wide network from across our community made up of individuals who wish to stay informed of Cultural Currents happenings. We will send updates throughout the year of projects that are in-the-works or completed. There are no meeting commitments for this group. We ask that this group helps us expand our reach for opportunities and events by sharing information about the project and related opportunities.

Sign up to be a part of the Feedback Team, serve as a Community Host/Liaison, or stay updated as part of the Information Circle!

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