Project Description

Program Description
Move The Student Body is an inspiring, fun and diverse dance residency exploring movement principles derived from the traditions of modern dance/contemporary , ballet, tap dance, folk dance and hip hop with educational “threads” to both science and geography/world studies. With their extensive background as professional performers and teachers, Marc and Pamela create a curriculum that weaves together vocabulary of several dance styles, music of numerous countries and cultures, bone and muscle identification, discussion of the cultures addressed in the music selections, poetry and improvisational movement ( free dance)  to enhance the students’  ability/skills to view dance as a means of personal artistic expression.The students will learn about creating their own and group dances and enhance their movement comfort and confidence.  Each residency contains a final day “assembly” where each class shows their work. Known for their energy and positive outlook, Pamela and Marc lead the students though a residency which is a vigorous, colorful and educational foray into the world of dance.

Final Product
An ending assembly in which each class will perform its own individual dance and older grades will create their own dances to perform.

Learning Outcomes

  • Performing and creating movement and dance with, and for your peers.
  • Performing in an assembly with your class, individual and group choreography.
  • Learning of and moving to music of different continents and movement from different cultures and styles of dance.
  • Stud