Project Description

This class teaches students how to create a decorative mask by using paper mache around a plastic form, using recycled materials like newsprint and paper lunch bags and common kitchen supplies like flour, salt, and water as glue. We will rethink the use of recycled products by creating new images and artwork from our discard materials.

Final Product

Each student will be able to take home the paper mache mask they have made and painted.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will learn a new media of art (paper mache).
  • Students will be able to use simple products to create new forms using recycled products to generate new ideas and visions.

Suggested Grades

4th-12th grade

Pricing Breakdown

  • 4 visits at 45 minutes each
  • Prep hours: 2 hours per classroom
  • Materials: $3 per student
  • Travel from Eugene

Why I teach:

“I like being a facilitator of art to help inspire the students. I give them the directions, the materials, and the motivation. Then I can watch the students create art through their own thoughts and vision.” -Larry Meyers

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