3-5 Creating Characters for Performance with Linda Burden-Williams: Lesson 4

LIVE on Wednesday, April 21th at 10:00am

Program Description

Utilizing the tools of theatrical expression, students will create and perform original characters. Students will learn to use their bodies, voices, minds, and emotions to express their ideas and original creations. This program is physically active, introduces students to literary concepts, and offers them opportunities to get silly through improvisational theatre!


paper, pencil, open space for movement


This lesson touches on the following standards:

  • Arts Standards:
    • TH.1.CR1.3
    • TH.1.CR1.4
    • TH.1.CR1.5
  • Physical Education Standards:
    • PE.1.3.6
    • PE.1.4.1
    • PE.1.5.1
    • PE.1.5.3