3-5 Exploring Rhythm with Olive DelSol: Lesson 3

LIVE on Wednesday, January 13th at 11am

Program Description

In this lesson students will practice and engage in rhythmic call and response games and activities as they practice their percussion skills. They will then invent their own call and response lyrics to share and practice with family and friends. This program touches on key music, reading framework, and physical education standards.

Printable Lesson Guides (for craft section)

Lesson 1 (English)

Lección 3 (Español)


Drumsticks crafted in lesson two, surface or object for drumming (bowl, table top, book, etc.), pen or pencil, paper


This lesson touches on the following standards:

  • Arts Standard(s):
    • MU.1.CR1.3
    • MU.1.CR1.4
    • MU.1.CR1.5
  • Core Standard(s):
    • 3.RF.4b
    • 4.RF.4b
    • 5.RF.4b
  • Physical Education Standard(s):
    • PE.1.3.6
    • PE.1.4.5
    • PE.1.5.5