3-5 Sculpting the Plant Life Cycle with Nicole Hummel: Lesson 3

LIVE on Wednesday, February 24th at 10:30am

Program Description

Students will create their own modeling dough from basic kitchen supplies in order to get their hands dirty with sculpture! Nicole will then guide students through depicting the phases of a plant as they sculpt the life cycle from seed to fruit with their newly made dough. This module touches on visual arts standards while exploring life science concepts. In this lesson, students will sculpt the mature phase of the plant including a fully established root and stem system as well as the flower blossom.

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Lesson 3 (English)


Pre-made sculpting dough from Lesson 1, clean surface


This lesson touches on the following standards:

Arts Standard(s):

  • VA.1.CR1.3
  • VA.1.CR1.4
  • VA.1.CR1.5

Science Standard(s):

  • 3.LS1-1
  • 4.LS1-1
  • 5.LA1-1