Springfield High School is brighter than ever with the unveiling of a new mural created through Lane Arts Council’s artist residency program. Thank you to AARP Oregon for being such a big part of this special project!

Participants of all ages and backgrounds worked together to create a vibrant new mural for Springfield High School.

This past fall, AARP Oregon funded the uniquely collaborative creation of the large exterior mural at Springfield High School. A diverse and inter-generational group of students and AARP volunteers worked together under the guidance of Lane Arts Council teaching artist Jessilyn Brinkerhoff. With Jessilyn’s mentorship, participants created imagery that represents the beautiful diversity of the Springfield community and the need to honor and celebrate how this diversity makes our community stronger.

The large mural can be seen on the front of Springfield High School overlooking 7th Street.

On Friday, February 16th, students, teachers, school administration, AARP volunteers and community members came together for the dedication and unveiling of “The Art of Unity”. Speakers included Mayor Christine Lundberg, artist Jessilyn Brinkerhoff, and Springfield High Principal Jose De Silva. In honor of Black History Month, AARP Oregon Executive Member Geneva Craig shared her experiences as a teenager in Selma Alabama during the Civil Rights marches including “Bloody Sunday.” Music from Springfield High School mariachi band, “Mariachi Del Sol” provided an additional cultural experience.

“We’re so thrilled that AARP funded this mural to celebrate diversity and the value of inter-generational partnerships. Springfield’s efforts to build an age-friendly city makes this community a wonderful place to live, work and play.” – Carmel Perez Snyder, AARP Oregon Outreach and Advocacy Manager in Lane County

Statements from Springfield High School students:

“I moved from Monroe where there weren’t many people who looked like me. But being here at SHS there are people from so many different groups. The hands represent so much more than diversity. For me they represent the importance of appreciating the different people around us.”

“The process of creating the design was definitely the best part. It was cool to see how the different groups working on envisioning the mural all came up with really similar ideas. It was cool to see the different ideas come together into this final mural.”

“Being a part of the group, being a part of the collaborative process is by far the best part of this experience. Just being a part of the group in itself is the best.”

KVAL – New mural unveiling at Springfield High School, Feb 16, 2018

KVAL – New intergenerational mural going up at Springfield High School, Nov 27, 2017

Photography by Athena Delene: http://athenadelene.com/