Program Description
While painting the mural together in groups, we will learn elements of art, drawing and painting techniques and how to work collaboratively to make a piece of history and culture for the school to last decades. I work with staff to determine the theme of the mural and often design murals for schools with themes in natural history/local flora and fauna, community, and school values. It is also successful to design from your school curriculum and use the mural as a teaching tool while we paint.

Final Product
Long lasting mural for school.

Learning Outcomes

  • Help students reason with shapes and colors and their attributes
  • Help students learn biological species names while learning about composition, color mixing and color temperature
  • Teach students the elements and principles of art: Line, Shape, Form, Space, Color, Value, Texture, Balance, Movement, Rhythm, Contrast, Emphasis, Pattern, Unity, Scale/Proportion
  • Teach students ways in which the arts serve a variety of personal, professional, practical, economic, community and cultural needs.
  • Help students create, present or perform a work of art that demonstrates an idea, mood or feeling using essential elements or organizational principles. Learning to work collaboratively and test creative experiments.

Suggested Grades

  • Appropriate for all grade levels.

Pricing Breakdown

  • Minimum/recommended # of visits + time per visit (est. cost per classroom):
  • Prep hours (est. cost per classroom/hours of instruction):
  • Materials (est. cost per student/project): $1.50 per student
  • Travel (from Eugene)