First Friday ArtWeek

Come downtown to enjoy Eugene’s art scene and support local artists. We will not host a guided tour, but you can check out a list of open venues and art exhibitions below.

ArtWeek Exhibitions:

Art For Change Mural Exhibit – Storefront Installation
Friendly Street Market (2757 Friendly St) Register Guard Article

A group of 8 local young artists, ages 8 to 17, designed and painted a free-standing community mural titled “Hopes & Dreams,” in response to what is currently happening in the social, cultural, and natural landscape from their own perspective. The piece reflects their hopes and dreams for their community and the world. The project was led by Frédérique Château, a local artist and art educator. The goal of her program is to bridge creativity and community outreach, while giving younger generations a public platform to share their voices in a visually expressive way. This was all made possible by the generous help of City of Eugene Cultural Services, friends of Madison Meadow, Friendly Street Market, and many friends and local artists.

Bennett Vineyards & Wine Company
(199 E 5th Ave #11, Eugene)  Website
Hours: Wednesdays: 5-9; Thursdays: 3-7; Fridays – Sundays: 1-7
Meet the Photographer event: November 6, 5 – 6:30pm

In “Eugene Noire,” Californian photographer Eddy Vazquez escapes the hustle and bustle of LA to explore Eugene, Oregon’s unique blend of grit and elegance. Exhibition dates: October 21 – November 15.

ECO Sleep Solutions and Gallery
(25 E 8th Ave) Website 
Hours: Mon, Tu, Th, F, Sa 10-6pm; Wed 10-1pm

Photography and photograph-based art by Jim Byrd (right), who uses small-scale, simple compositions of a wide-range of appealing and interesting subject material; live-edge unique coffee tables by Matt Fonfara; and a collection of woven and embroidered servilletas, napkins, pillow cases, and small bags by Collectivo Mujeres Con Alas (Women with Wings Collective).

Gallery at Dot Dotson’s (1668 Willamette St, Eugene)
General hours: Monday-Thursday, 12-5pm

Photography at Oregon presents David Simone’s photography, featuring an outsider’s view of places and people in Cuba. Show dates: October 9th – November 12th.

Karin Clarke Gallery
(760 Willamette St)  Website
Hours: W-F 12-5:30pm, Sa 10am-4pm 
Facebook Live curator’s Talkby Craig Spilman
Ken O’Connell discusses the show

“Faces, Figures, and Phantoms—A Partial Self-Portrait,” an exhibition of work by Tom Blodgett (1940 – 2012), curated by Craig Spilman. The striking art of Oregon artist Tom Blodgett ranges from vivid, imaginative portraits to impressionistic landscapes and intricate, dreamlike scenes of people and animals. For this special and rare exhibit, Artist and Curator Craig Spilman has selected twenty-four powerful drawings and paintings from the Tom Blodgett estate. In addition, a large selection of his smaller drawing will be available to purchase unframed. This is the first major gallery exhibit of for Blodgett in 30 years.  Show dates: September 30 – October 31.

The Lincoln Gallery
(309 W 4th Ave, Suite 100, Eugene)  Website

Hours: Fridays, 2-6pm thru November 20th

Many of the artists supported by Oregon Supported Living Program (OSLP) have been creating art during individual studio sessions in the studio and while quarantined at home. The Lincoln Gallery is excited to showcase these works, many of which are in response to the pandemic and social justice issues.

The New Zone Gallery 
(22 W 7th Ave)  Website
Hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-6pm

“Zone 4 All” is a traditional, non-juried show for community members and gallery members showing 2-D piece and 3-D work. Show dates: Oct 2-30. Music on October 2nd: David Rogers, classical, jazz, pop, and world music on guitar. 

The New Zone Gallery Annex
(Smith Family Building, 768 East 13th Ave)
Hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-6pm, through December 2020

The annex shows a collection of New Zone members’ art.

In conjunction with New Zone Gallery, the expansive back space of the building will be developed into an artist marketplace venue together with studio spaces for artists to create, produce and sell their works to the public. With 10,000 sf., featuring wide open spaces, a large mezzanine, an open concept ceiling and skylights, it is a beautiful space for the community to gather safely, supporting both developing and established artists.
For more details on the marketplace and studio spaces, contact: Dean and Michele Smith at or call (541) 520-6283.

Oregon Art Supply
(1020 Pearl St)

“Eugene Postcard Project” – Artists are invited to submit handmade postcards to transform the storefront into a temporary gallery! This is a new way to stay connected in a time that feels alienating, while supporting the US Postal System. The display is up now through November 16th. Image: Judith Manning.

PhotoZone Gallery
(inside the New Zone Gallery at 22 W 7th Ave) Website
Hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-6pm, Reception: October 2nd, 5:30pm

PhotoZone is a collection of diverse individuals interested in the craft of photography. A wide variety of skills are valued which range from masters of silver print, platinum/palladium, gum bichromate, etc. to enthusiasts of digital production.  PhotoZone Gallery sponsors a retrospective of the life and works of Donna Gilhousen, a spirited advocate, and keen but soft-spoken artist, with a twinkling sense of humor, who passed away in the presence of her loved ones on the 13th of September 2020. Show dates: October 1st to November 3rd

Starlight Lounge
(830 Olive St)  Website
Hours: 2pm-midnight daily

“Halloween Time: The Sequel!” work by resident Halloween artist Bonnie Bozell. This Halloween- inspired, hand-painted art and decor features pinups, monsters, normal families, and more. Bonnie is currently working on new work for Printed In Blood’s next art book (TBA) which should be out next year.

White Lotus Gallery
(767 Willamette St)
Appointments available Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm

“Block Play,” reduction Linocuts by Connie Mueller and Wood Sculptures by Dale Mueller, on display October 9 – November 14. Raised in Eugene, Connie makes prints that exude an unrestrained joy in the natural beauty of her hometown and the varied landscapes of Oregon. She is a master at evoking a sense of place. From the limitless blue sky of Harney Valley to the still reflective waters of Kirk Pond in the winter, the atmosphere in her work is palpable. Like the artist herself,  there is a warmth, grace, and subtlety to her work, which is all the more impressive considering the challenging nature of her medium. Reduction linocut printmaking requires one to cut and print successively from one block, a method that requires an astonishing level of concentration and imagination.

For almost 20 years, Dale has been creating art with wood and metal. He draws inspiration from his life experiences and what he finds aesthetically pleasing. Some sculptures are similar to organic forms, and others resemble architectural details. The sculptures are formed with carved and chiseled redwood or cedar and then sheathed with copper. Once they are copper-clad, a patina is applied, resulting in a richly colored green/blue or brown form. The methods used in creating these pieces allow the sculptures to be installed in either indoor or outdoor settings. Long term exposure to the elements enriches the patina.

“Mexico, Beautiful and Loved,” artwork by Isabel Dutroncy
(1059 Willamette St) 
Exhibit in a storefront window: October 9 – November 12
Website  / Facebook

Isabel was born and raised in Mexico City, her father Mexican, and her mother French. She traveled to France and through Mexico therefore growing up in a mixture of cultures and languages. Together with her family she visited museums, churches, galleries, castles, and ancient ruins most Sundays throughout her childhood. From this Isabel developed her love for ancient civilizations.

She moved to Oregon in 1980 but continually traveled back to Mexico to visit family, and together with her father, traced her native Mexican ancestry back to a small tribe called the “Chocholtecas” in the north part of the state of Oaxaca. Isabel and her husband Ed visit Oaxaca often and plan to semi-retire during the winters there.

In 2006 while visiting Mexico with Ed, Isabel found herself tour guide and tourist, looking at the pre-Hispanic civilizations and the colonial art in a new way. Feeling the need to bring back some of the beautiful history, myths and beliefs of those now gone, Ed gave her the idea to do it through painting. With his encouragement and teaching, Isabel took a brush for the first time in the summer of 2006 and began to paint. Oil paints and wood panels were chosen, which allowed work on a table top or easel and the support needed for ceramic tile frames.

The style of her paintings goes from naïve to pictorial to representative. She has “Bodegones” Spanish word for: Still life; shows a post Colombian style, with the combination of the old and new worlds using pottery, foods, and toys, from both cultures, she makes her own 2” x 2” terracotta tiles to frame some of the paintings. She also has “Places of Sanctuary,” these are beautiful haciendas, churches, and patios where you can travel into the painting and find sanctuary from everyday life. With “Sunset of a Civilization” you will find the myths, legends, and everyday life of the pre-Hispanic civilizations come to life. And in her “Sunrises & Sunsets” you will take the sun with you and enjoy it every day of the year. She is constantly evolving and looking for ways to bring a smile, a happy thought, a memory to you. She also works with gourd tiles to bring more of her culture to life.

Virtual Art Exhibit: Acrylic Paintings by Amy Hartsfield 
Enjoy a video art exhibit featuring paintings of trees and other “nature-scapes” by self-taught Eugene artist Amy Hartsfield, hosted online by Eugene Public Library.


Create-Your-Own-Sculpture Treasure Hunts

Earthbound Moon invites you to participate in Create-Your-Own-Sculpture Treasure Hunts. You can find the posters for five Treasure Hunts created by Eugene artists JP Lempke, Jorah LaFleur, Mija Andrade, Pat Luther, and Patricia Montoya Donohue at Download a Treasure Hunt (or all five Treasure Hunts!) and be a part of the artmaking!

Epic Seconds’ One Wall Gallery
(30 E 11th Ave)  Facebook

Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10am-7pm, Sunday 12-6pm

“Robert Dandarov: Works on Paper” – Artist Robert Dandarov recently returned to New York City. With an exhibition of his work on paper, Epic Seconds remembers Robert and the time he spent creating in his upstairs studio he rented and worked in for the last year. Show dates: November 6- December 31, 2020

Karin Clarke Gallery
(760 Willamette St)  Website
Hours: W-F 12-5:30pm, Sa 10am-4pm 

“Karin Clarke: Paintings from Château Orquevaux” – During the month of November, Karin Clarke Gallery presents an exhibit of oil paintings by the gallery’s owner, Karin Clarke. In May of 2019, Clarke attended an artist residency at Château Orquevaux in the French countryside. There she painted on location, capturing the lush green landscape and buildings of the Champagne-Ardenne region, including the Église Sainte-André and the grand Chateau, both dating to the 1700s. Since returning, she has refined these works and explored other imagery, including self portraits and interiors, that continue the mood of the French paintings. A total of twenty-eight pieces are included in the exhibit. Clarke says, “What I’m hoping to create in this body of work is a feeling of intimacy, romance, beauty, and solitude. I want to show something of my world and the places I cherish most. These paintings are small, and I hope they feel private and special.”  Exhibit dates: November 4 – 28, 2020.

The New Zone Gallery 
(22 W 7th Ave)  Website
Hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-6pm; Reception: First Friday, November 6th, 5:30pm

“Quick Silver: Messages of Creation” by Hito (middle image), bold, large abstract oil paintings by Andrew Geissler (top image), and photography by Chris Landis (bottom image).

Regarding the show, Hito states, “As usual, art (and music) provide a buffer against volatile eras and, light the pathways of healing, freedom and love. Quick Silver (aka Mercury) remains an element unlike any other, signaling change and reflecting transition. An enlightening, albeit strange, thing occurs when I float acrylic paint.  Like Quick Silver, the paint moves in the direction it desires to be, carrying its’ own message of creation. The Quick Silver quality of the paint and ethereal force combine. As an artist I’ve learned to trust this process of creation that is beyond my control. I trust the Universe to inform us of that which we need to learn, what cries out for change, and which path to follow. The result– paintings that speak for themselves, creations that reflect transitions, pieces that inspire–Quick Silver artwork that heals.”

In the Klausmeier Room, Photography of Oregon presents Chris Landis’ “Las Vegas Pandemic 2020.” On March 18th, 2020, following the statewide closure due to the COVID pandemic, Las Vegas, along with its famed “strip,” was suddenly a western ghost town. Chris Landis was there, capturing this poignant moment in his series of photographs.

Live music on November 6th: Classical, jazz pop, and world guitar music by David Rogers.

PhotoZone Gallery
(inside the New Zone Gallery at 22 W 7th Ave) Website
Hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-6pm; Reception: First Friday, November 6th, 5:30pm

PhotoZone is a collection of diverse individuals interested in the craft of photography. A wide variety of skills are valued which range from masters of silver print, platinum/palladium, gum bichromate, etc. to enthusiasts of digital production.  November’s featured artist is Patrick Plaia with the show “Graves of Rarotonga.”  In Rarotonga, a small South Pacific island, ancestors graves are not only in church yards, but along roadsides, in front yards, and along the edge of farm fields.  These photographs are hand painted, silver gelatin prints.  

Starlight Lounge
(830 Olive St)  Website
Hours: 2pm-midnight daily

Shadowfox (Jason Pancoast) is a contemporary artist based in Eugene. His contemplative wood sculptures and paintings explore identity and narrative, often with themes of nature and geometry. Pancoast studied architecture with a minor in art history at the University of Oregon. He curated the Shadowfox gallery in downtown Eugene for several years, and his work has been featured in dozens of publications and galleries across the country.

The ArtChics present “Art on the Go!”
Stellaria Building, west parking lot (150 Shelton McMurphey Blvd)
Sunday, November 8th, 10am-2pm
The ArtChics invite you to their 16th Annual Art Sale with a twist. Art on the Go is a drive-up/bike-up/walk-up outdoor mystery art sale. This year’s sale is in support of Positive Community Kitchen. The ArtChics, a local group of women artists, will fill mystery bags with handmade art treasures for this year’s Art on the Go sale. Each mystery bag is only $10 and inside you may find a festive handmade ornament, precious little painting, mini mixed media piece, artistic greeting cards, a lovely ceramic piece or some other creative surprise! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Positive Community Kitchen.  The ArtChics will take care to provide safe accommodations for mystery bag selections and payment transactions. Please wear a mask. Cash, check and credit card payments will be taken. The ArtChics are Charissa Black McKay, Dena Amend, Lin Lundberg, Mari Livie, Georgeanne Cooper, Deborah Dailey, Joanna Lovera, Arianna Gardner, Tyler Merrill, and Mija Marie Andrade.  Image: Kasey White.

Enjoy Local Art Online

Connect with local art from home by checking out artist interviews, gallery tours, and art demos on our Facebook page!

In this video, we explore landscape paintings of Oregon on view at Karin Clarke Gallery. Karin describes the artists’ processes, explores details in each work, and shares stories about the artists and their creative practice.

In this video, Lorane artist Beth I. Robinson shares work currently on view at Oregon Art Supply and discusses the role of grief in her artistic practice, her recent collaborations, and working as a rural artist.

In this video, Eugene artist Heather Halpern shares about being and becoming an artist, then gives us a VIP tour of the Whiteaker Printmakers studio. And in this video, Heather gives a monotype printmaking demo in the studio.

In this video, artist Holly Wilson shares about becoming a visual artist after working for years as a florist in Roseburg: “I realized I really wanted to paint. I thought at that point I had no skills at all. I took a painting class, and what I realized was that I had been being an artist for the last 25 years. I was working with texture and color every single day… that just opened a whole world to me.”

In this video, we join artist Robert Gamblin in the studio for Amsterdam in vermillion, the drama of icebergs, and coloring how it feels to be in the Willamette Valley.

Do you have local art available virtually? Email links to

Past – March 6th First Friday ArtWalk

Lane Arts Council presents the First Friday ArtWalk year-round in Downtown Eugene.  Take the guided tour and follow the host to hear from the featured artists, or explore the other galleries and venues from 5:30-8pm on your own.  This event happens rain or shine, and is always free!

Lane Arts Council’s March 6th First Friday ArtWalk is guest-hosted by Debbie Williamson-Smith, Communications Manager at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and Director of Communications for the 20x21EUG Mural Project. In her non-art time, she slimes around Eugene as Old SLUG Queen Holly GoSlugly or tends to her fabulous flock of fluffy butts at FusterCluck Farm.  Join us at The New Zone Gallery at 5:30pm for the start of the guided tour (full details below)!

Check out the March 6th ArtWalk Guide  |  Join the Facebook event  |  Sneak Peek of images on Facebook

Stop #1. 5:30 PM
The New Zone Gallery
(22 W 7th Ave)
The New Zone Gallery hosts its traditional “ZONE 4 ALL” (Spring Edition) March 6th – 27th. This non-juried show is open to all artists working in any 2-D or 3-D
mediums. PhotoZone…Read more

Stop #2. 6:00 PM
Downtown Happenings
(various locations)
City of Eugene Cultural Services teams up with Harmonic Laboratory and ArtCity to present Downtown Happenings, a series of events that embrace the winter season with fun and unexpected…Read more

Stop #3. 6:30 PM
Sparrow Studios
(136 E Broadway)
When done well, costumes reveal insightful details about the show’s characters, enrich the performance’s created world, and assist in propelling the show’s storyline. “Behind the…Read more

Stop #4. 7:00 PM
Allies, LLC
(131 E 11th Ave)
Allies hosts a creative art making space and a curatorial program that is shared and run cooperatively by adults with developmental disabilities. This month, Allies artists and staff showcase…Read more

Stop #5. 7:30 PM
Epic Seconds
(30 E 11th Ave)
Friends and fellow painters Robert Dandarov and Benjamin Terrell May seem at first to have little in common stylistically. After sharing a studio last year, both found a common theme: to paint…Read more

ArtWalk Highlight:
Starlight Lounge
(830 Olive St)

Brandon Holder of B. Holder Designs shows works in acrylic, spray paint, wood, and epoxy resin in his show “Behind The Looking Glass” at Starlight Lounge.  Don’t miss this intricate and colorful work!

Participating ArtWalk Galleries & Businesses


6. ArtCity Studios on Broadway
(160 E Broadway, downstairs)   
The studios of David Placencia of Wheelhaus Arts, Terry Holloway of Fuzzy Beuys, Sandra Honda, Michael Lawrence, Christopher St John, Darryl Evans, Jessilyn Brinkerhoff, Adeline Celenza, Erika Propst, Jarrell Blake, Charly Swing, and Eugene Printmakers.

7. Framin’ Artworks
(505 High St)  Website
Kathy Snell’s work in acrylic, pen and ink, and watercolors highlight her love of nature. Sandi T O’Brien’s black and white photos, shot with her infrared converted tiny 6 MP point and shoot camera, have a magical quality, evoking a sense of fantasy.

8. Karin Clarke Gallery
(760 Willamette St)   Website
“The Oregon Landscape,” an invitational exhibit featuring works by Mark Clarke, Margaret Coe, Bets Cole, Robert Gamblin, Jodie Garrison, Heather Halpern, James Kroner, Erik Sandgren, Robert Schlegel, Humberto Gonzalez, Karin Clarke, and Craig Spilman.  On display through April 25. 

9. The Lincoln Gallery
(309 W 4th Ave)   Website
“Obscura,” masks and related 2D and 3D art celebrating culture and costume. This show explores the ways we obscure our own identities to represent unseen aspects of ourselves or other cultural, historical, or imaginary entities. The Community Gallery showcases work by OSLP staff in various mediums.

10. Out of Step Books & Gallery
(1022 Willamette St)   Website
Get a peek inside the whimsical world of Damian J. McDonald, as he presents 25 of his quirky creatures in his solo show “I.N.S.E.O.R.”

11. White Lotus Gallery
(767 Willamette St)   Website
“Celebrating 2020,” featuring Jon Jay Cruson, Li Tie, Satoko Motouji, Connie Mueller, Dale Mueller, Jamie Newton, Margaret Prentice, Christine L. Sundt, Gary Tepfer and Mike Van. Show on display through March 7th.


12. LovaKava Kava Bar & Restaurant
(120 W Broadway)  Facebook
Have a glass of kava and enjoy original art.

13. Starlight Lounge
(830 Olive St)
“Behind The Looking Glass,” works in acrylic, spray paint, wood, and epoxy resin by Brandon Holder of B. Holder Designs. Over the years, Brandon’s paintings have evolved into abstract studies examining geometric forms and color theory, and he has recently started experimenting with dissecting, rearranging, and merging paintings to increase the complexity of his designs even further.

14. Townshend’s Teahouse
(41 W Broadway)  Website
A mixture of dark and alluring, flora and fauna, and divine feminine art works by Wade Sewell and Savannah Stamps of Black Lotus Tattoo in Eugene.


15. Broadway Commerce Center
(44 W Broadway)
“Idiosyncrasy,” a showcase of artwork in various mediums by students of the Academy of Arts & Academics (A3).

16. ECO Sleep Solutions and Gallery
(25 E 8th Ave)
Felted wool home décor and apparel by Tylar Merrill, clay tile collages by Annie Heron, whimsical hand painted wood pieces and hand painted silk apparel and other items by Lybi Thomas, wood and stone carvings, and wood sculptures by Cedar Caredio, and Luminessence light sculptures by Stephen White.

17. Eugene Public Library
(100 W 10th Ave)  
Live Music: Rock and Roll Dance Party with RIFFLE, one of Eugene’s favorite party bands. Move and groove to hits from six decades of rock, blues, R&B, country, jazz, and more with Timothy Patrick, Peter Giri, Jim Reinking, and Gus Russell.

18. InEugene Real Estate
(100 E Broadway)    Website
“MYTHICAL CREATURES & HUEMANS,” work by Celeste Schield Jacobi. “HUEMANS” is a series of abstract pieces evoking emotions through simple colors and shapes, while “MYTHICAL CREATURES” is more playful, incorporating head dresses and historical attire into animal portraits.

19. Mosaic Fair Trade Collection
(28 E Broadway)
Beautiful handmade, Fair Trade jewelry, furniture, homewares, unique gifts, clothing, accessories, and more from all around the world.

20. Oregon Art Supply
(1020 Pearl St)   Website
Tattered Edge,” new work by Beth Robinson, experiments with pigment, old photos, and ripped pages. Beth has a love for found objects, collage, cut edges and the unspoken. Often in her work mere fragments, ghosts of materials, soft pencil lines or patterns can be seen. Capturing the momentary voice of these objects and ephemera for her accentuates the missing, forgotten or the things often left unspoken beneath the surfaces of loss. Open until 6pm.


21. Aligned Architecture Open House
(433 W 10th Ave) Website
Aligned Architecture, previously Nir Pearlson Architect, is hosting a renaming Open House between 3-7pm. A selection of completed commercial and residential projects, including familiar iconic local buildings, are on display.

22. The Royal Art Show
(140 E 5th Ave)
An interactive art piece that is a lifetime in the making, as a starving artist struggles to support his artistic practice while putting food on the table for his children. This multi-generational show features artwork by Andre Royal Sr., Andre Royal Jr., and Arion Royal. 3-7pm.

23. No Shame Eugene
(99 W 10th Ave) Facebook
The doors open at 7:30pm with live music. The show begins at 8pm with fifteen original, 5-minute acts including monologues, sketch comedy, and the experimental. Each show is comprised of the first fifteen acts to register with the host when doors open – come as a performer, or no shame in just watching!

First Friday ArtWalk video highlight from Travel Lane County: