Project Description

In this lesson, students will explore their creativity and imagination by creating “reverse coloring book pages”. Inspired by Kendra Norton, the “Reverse Coloring Book” is full of pages that are copies of watercolor prints. On the first day, the students will practice their line work and mark-making skills on a practice sheet from Kendra Norton’s book. On the second day, students will use watercolor paint and brush, only, as they start their pages. They can choose to paint abstract or realistic paintings while considering the paint-to-water ratio of their medium. This technique will provide the students with pastel-color-type paintings and will make their line work more visible. For the next step, students will work on their dry paintings by outlining, filling in, and adding to the images they find in their artwork. For example, students may see faces, plants, flowers, cars, dinosaurs, cities, etc., and may choose to outline and/or fill in these images with mark-making techniques using a permanent black fine marker. Students will consider art elements and design principles: color, contrast, line, pattern, proportion, repetition, shape, space, and variety.

Final Product
The final project will be three or more original 9×12 artworks. On the last day, if time allows, students will share the work they are most proud of with the class and discuss their process and what they learned from this residency.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will develop art skills through repetition and practice.
  • Students will choose from experimental approaches and techniques to determine the most effective solutions.
  • Students will share and talk about artwork using vocabulary.

Suggested Grades

  • K-12

Pricing Breakdown

  •  4 visits; 45 min each
  •  3hr prep per residency
  •  Travel from Eugene
  •  $3.00 per student

Why I Love Teaching Art:
I love teaching art! I believe that art can be a positive vehicle for self-expression and Identity. Producing art, rather than simply experiencing it, may benefit students to see that there is more than “meets the eye” in their world. I believe that each student is unique and it is my honor and pleasure to assist students in reaching their full potential through creativity and tolerance. I live by the philosophy that both teachers are learners and learners are teachers and I love sharing my artistic knowledge and
experiences with others. -Karleena Graham

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