Project Description

This fun and active residency will explore the history and fundamentals of Salsa dancing. There will be a focus on exploring musicality, frame, posture, and the connection between leading and following.  The first class will focus on basic steps and origin of Salsa.  The second class will focus on outside turns for leading and following, as well as the instruments used in Salsa.  The third class will focus on Cross Body Lead and the different Salsa styles.  The forth class will focus on simple phrases and the differences between Salsa and Mambo.

Final Product

At the conclusion of this residency, students will perform the Salsa steps they have learned.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will gain knowledge of Salsa dancing including the origins, music, and instruments used.
  • Students will be able to perform the basic steps of the Salsa.
  • Students will learn how to both lead and follow.
  • Students will have fun dancing!

Suggested Grades

Grades 3-5th, Grades 6th-8th (can be adapted for all ages)

Pricing Breakdown

  • 4 visits at 45 minutes each
  • Prep hours: 3 hours per school
  • Materials: There is no material fee for this resi