Welcome to ArtStream      At Home Summer Camp!

Every Monday this summer new weekly modules will be posted here! We’ll explore visual and performing arts with a variety of lessons for K-8 students accessible to explore from wherever you learn and play!

Week 9: Draw & Design!

August 23rd – August 29th

K-2: Drawing From My Life with Andrea DiPalma Yansane

In this lesson, students will be encouraged to create art and drawings using objects, ideas, and imagination from their own personal world. Students will learn foundational design elements and will be challenged to explore the realms of realism and composition as they explore visual art and draw from their imagination.  Supplies: paper, pencil, ruler, eraser, colored pencils or crayons. Optional: tissue or paper towel, black marker, piece of fruit, bowl

3-5: Animal Portraiture with Merideth Ferrell

Students will learn to draw a variety of animals from birds to sea turtles to foxes as they follow a guided tutorial with teaching artist, Merideth Ferrel. This lesson is all about finding an artistic way to showcase a student in their natural environment by incorporating important facts of each animal into a drawn depiction.  Supplies: paper, pencil, eraser, and coloring supplies (ideally colored pencils or crayons, but markers can work as well)

6-8: PNW Native Formline Art with Pattrick Price

Formline Art is the traditional art style of Native and Indigenous communities across the Pacific Northwest coastal region. Pattrick Price will bring his experience and skills as a Tlingit Formline artist to introduce students to this traditional art form. This program explores visual art and deepens student understanding and creative relationship to the land and the Native communities that call this region home. Supplies: paper, pencil, pen, and coloring supplies (markers or watercolors preferred)