K-2 ArtStream Lessons

Temporary Nature Collage with Alex Ever

Students will explore the unlimited art making supplies that surround us in yards, parks, sidewalks, and sea sides as they create temporary artworks and natural collages. This program encourages students to see possibility in the every day as leaves, flower, stones, sticks, and seashells become whimsical creatures, mandalas, and more. This program touches on key math and science concepts in a highly creative way. Supplies: paper, pencil, ruler, natural materials (such as leaves, stones, and seashells); optional: glue

Hip Hop Dance with Katie Patrick (Eugene Ballet)

Students will get moving and grooving as they learn the basics of hip hop dance! Each lesson will introduce new steps as students learn fun routines they will be repeating for days to come. At the start of each lesson, students will learn a bit about the origins and history of hip hop including its roots in BIPOC urban communities. This lesson touches on dance, PE, and social sciences standards. Supplies: open space, movement clothes, water

Junk Mail Houses with Jess Graff

Students will utilize discarded window envelopes from all that junk mail that comes to us each week to create dynamic and multi-patterned miniature houses. Transforming trash into a new treasure the name of the game with this incredibly fun and creative lesson. This lesson teacher visual arts standards while introducing students to a variety of mathematical concepts. Supplies: junk mail envelopes, scissors, glue or tape; optional: coloring supplies

Homemade Modeling Dough with Nicole Hummel

Students will create their own modeling dough from basic kitchen suppl