K-2 ArtStream Lessons

West African Dance with West African Cultural Arts Institute

Alseny Yansane and Andrea DiPalma Yansane will get students moving in this high-energy curriculum, which introduces students to Guinean music, polyrhythm, and dance. Each lesson will introduce new steps, engaging students through traditional movements while teaching them about the history and culture of West Africa. This lesson touches on dance, physical education, and social sciences standards. Supplies: Open space for movement, movement clothes, water

Freestyle Animation Dance with Carlos “Retro” Rasmussen

Freestyle animation dance is all about inviting students to move and groove from a place of instinct and improvisation. Carlos “Retro” Rasmussen will teach students foundational skills like popping, locking, and animation, but the expression truly comes alive when the students make it their own by moving like water or expressing joy through dance. This lesson touches on dance and physical education standards. Supplies: Open space for movement, movement clothes, water
  • Monday, March 15th, 10:30am
  • Tuesday, March 16th, 10:30am
  • Wednesday, March 17th, 10:30am
  • Thursday, March 18th, 10:30am

Building Worlds with Paper with Victoria Wills

Students will design their own imagined world through a variety of paper-based crafts! They will name their world, design its landscape, create original creatures, design plant life, and even create a sample greeting card from their invented civilization. This program aligns with science concepts as students explore the elements that create a connected ecosystem. Supplies: paper, scissors, ruler, pencil, coloring materials, and binding material (glue, tape, or stapler)