3-5 ArtStream Lessons

West African Dance with West African Cultural Arts Institute

Join West African Cultural Arts Institute’s artists, Alseny Yansane and Andrea DiPalma Yansane, as they lead students step by step through the basics of dance from Guinea, West Africa. Students will learn about how traditional Guinean drumming and dancing are related, gain an understanding of basic dance form and technique, acquire knowledge of the cultural context of the artform, while getting a great cardiovascular workout all to the sounds of live drumming!  Supplies: movement clothes, open space, water

Nature Collage & Temporary Art with Alex Ever

Students will explore the unlimited art making supplies that surround us in yards, parks, sidewalks, and sea sides as they create temporary artworks and natural collages. This program encourages students to see possibility in the every day as leaves, flower, stones, sticks, and seashells become whimsical creatures, mandalas, and more. This program touches on key math concepts in a highly creative way. Supplies: paper, pencil, ruler, natural materials (such as leaves, stones, and seashells); optional: glue

Intro to Ballet with Florabelle Moses (Eugene Ballet)

Ballet is all about finding control and conscious movement with the body and is great fun for students of all genders! In this program students will learn the foundational movements of Ballet, history on the origins of the dance, and hone into their balance and flow. Supplies: open space for movement, movement clothes, water
  • Monday, December 7th, 10:30am