3-5 ArtStream Lessons

West African Dance with West African Cultural Arts Institute

Join West African Cultural Arts Institute’s artists, Alseny Yansane and Andrea DiPalma Yansane, as they lead students step by step through the basics of dance from Guinea, West Africa. Students will learn about how traditional Guinean drumming and dancing are related, gain an understanding of basic dance form and technique, acquire knowledge of the cultural context of the artform, while getting a great cardiovascular workout all to the sounds of live drumming!  Supplies: movement clothes, open space, water

Nature Collage & Temporary Art with Alex Ever

Students will explore the unlimited art making supplies that surround us in yards, parks, sidewalks, and sea sides as they create temporary artworks and natural collages. This program encourages students to see possibility in the every day as leaves, flower, stones, sticks, and seashells become whimsical creatures, mandalas, and more. This program touches on key math concepts in a highly creative way. Supplies: paper, pencil, ruler, natural materials (such as leaves, stones, and seashells); optional: glue

Intro to Ballet with Florabelle Moses (Eugene Ballet)

Ballet is all about finding control and conscious movement with the body and is great fun for students of all genders! In this program students will learn the foundational movements of Ballet, history on the origins of the dance, and hone into their balance and flow. Supplies: open space for movement, movement clothes, water
  • Monday, December 7th, 10:30am
  • Wednesday, December 9th, 10:30am
  • Monday, December 14th, 10:30am
  • Wednesday, December 16th, 10:30am

Exploring Rhythm with Olive DelSol

Students will craft their own set of drumsticks and utilize this new musical tool to explore rhythm and sound on everyday objects like plastic bowls, flower pots, books, and tabletops. Drums are often the heartbeat of music and students will bring life to their musicality as they learn to read notes and keep time. This program touches on key music and mathematical standards. Supplies: stick/chopsticks/wooden spoon or similar size/shape object, cotton balls, tape, paper, pencil or pen

Sculpting the Plant Life Cycle with Nicole Hummel

Students will create their own modeling dough from basic kitchen supplies in order to get their hands dirty with sculpture! Nicole will then guide students through depicting the phases of a plant as they sculpt the life cycle from seed to fruit with their newly made dough. This lesson touches on visual arts standards while exploring life science concepts.  Supplies: flour, salt, water, cream of tartar, food coloring, bowl, measuring cups and spoons, food storage container
  • Wednesday, February 17th,  10:30am
  • Friday, February 19th, 10:30am
  • Wednesday, February 24th, 10:30am
  • Friday, February 26th, 10:30am

Animal Portraiture with Merideth Ferrell

Students will learn to draw a variety of animals from birds to sea turtles to foxes as they follow a guided tutorial with teaching artist, Merideth Ferrel. This lesson is all about finding an artistic way to showcase a student in their natural environment by incorporating important facts of each animal into a drawn depiction. This lesson touches on visual art and life science standards.  Supplies: paper, pencil, eraser, and coloring supplies (ideally colored pencils or crayons, but markers can work as well)

Hip Hop Dance with Katie Patrick (Eugene Ballet Academy)

Students will get moving and grooving as they learn the basics of hip hop dance! Each lesson will introduce new steps as students learn fun routines they will be repeating for days to come. At the start of each lesson, students will learn a bit about the origins and history of hip hop including its roots in BIPOC urban communities. This lesson touches on dance, PE, and social sciences standards. Supplies: open space, movement clothes, water

Stick Puppets with Noah McLain Philpot

Students will create original characters through the visual art of puppetry. In this lesson, students will use materials like paper, cardboard, and pencils to create a series of stick puppets. They will then learn to perform with these unique creations, creating voices and stories for each character. This module teaches theatre and visual arts standards while touching on key language arts writing standards.  Supplies: paper, cardboard, pencil, eraser, coloring supplies, and sticks (pencils, chopsticks, stick from a tree, etc.) 
  • Monday, March 29th at 11:30am
  • Wednesday, March 31st at 11:30am
  • Monday, April 5th at 11:30am
  • Wednesday, April 7th at 11:30am

Creating Characters for Performance with Linda Burden-Williams

Utilizing the tools of theatrical expression, students will create and perform original characters. Students will learn to use their bodies, voices, minds, and emotions to express their ideas and original creations. This program is physically active, introduces students to literary concepts, and offers them opportunities to get silly through improvisational theatre! Supplies: paper, pencil, open space for movement
  • Monday, April 12th at 10:00am
  • Wednesday, April 14th at 10:00am
  • Monday, April 19th at 10:00am
  • Wednesday, April 21st at 10:00am

Sketchbook Design & Exploration with M. V. Moran and Monet Moran

Students will begin this lesson building a sketchbook all their own to fill with mindful and observational drawings. Sketchbooks have a practice to them involving exploration, experimentation, and self-guided challenge. Students will be provided a series of exercises to fill their sketchbook with drawings, helping them develop a new skill and track their artistic progress. Supplies: paper, stapler (or tape, glue, or string), pencil, coloring supplies (like markers, crayons, or colored pencils), spoon or fork

South African Dance with Michael Moloi

Students will learn about South African history as they explore Gumboots dance, which was created in the Apartheid era by Indigenous South African mineworkers. This energetic dance includes stomping, clapping, leg slapping, and exaggerated facial expressions. Students will engage their whole body and mind in this dynamic dance lesson! Supplies: open space for movement, movement clothes, water, optional: rainboots
  • Wednesday , April 28th at 10:00am
  • Wednesday, April 28th at 10:30am
  • Wednesday, May 5th at 10:00am
  • Wednesday, May 5th at 10:30am

PNW Native Formline Art with Pattrick Price

Formline Art is the traditional art style of Native and Indigenous communities across the Pacific Northwest coastal region. Pattrick Price will bring his experience and skills as a Tlingit Formline artist to introduce students to this traditional art form. This program touches on visual art and social science standards, deepening student understanding and creative relationship to the land and the Native communities that call this region home.Supplies: paper, pencil, pen, and coloring supplies (markers or watercolors preferred)

Experimental Music with Kathie Hsieh

Students will learn to make music with everyday objects like bowls, recycled cans, wooden spoons, and aluminum foil. They will learn to create a visual score, which depicts the movement of a musical abstract soundscape. This lesson is all about open exploration, unique expression, and experimentation with sound as it touches on science and music standards.  Supplies: paper, pencil, coloring supplies (markers, colored pencils, crayons, etc.), silverware (plasticware is fine), water bottle, coins, dried beans or rice